Wednesday, November 22, 2017


owh whats ancient?
its me
mulan jamila


yeahh, im growing older
now now
its already approaching 2018
which mean ill be 25 next year. like wuuuuutttt
25........... das olddddd T^T

well, and i am now living my life like old people
i am working now
pfft, only old people work and have responsibilities.
geezz, growing old is so not cool~

But in all seriousness, lifes is quite good,
u know my last blog update, talking about practical days in Weststar
well, now i already finished my Degree
first class alhamdulillah
and I got a job in Weststar, worked for 3 months
and now I already got another job,
which is, well for today, ive worked almost 1 months
my first salary nyums. hahah

its crazy, life is.

i wouldnt would have imagine all these to happen.
my life is soooo fast pace like i cant even catch up with myself

all my dreams is to be a housewife, sit in bed all dayy, wake up late, and bake some cake
what happen?? well lifes happened. das fo sho.

i miss writing, and now i am drawing manga. comics, whatever you want to call it.

yeah. life sure is crazy.

das all for now. nanti i hupdate lagi. baiiii

Saturday, February 4, 2017


heyyy. its already 2017
well the last time i updated this blog was in january 2016
soooo its been like a year
well i actually really want to update, a lot of things
just didnt really have the chance to sit and type 
anddd now, well i am currently at my workplace, not work sangat lah
practical place, in weststar aviation service 
its being quite a hectic week, and ive just started bzzzz
really have to adapt with waking up so early in the morning, thats the hardest partm but ill surviveeee
its only for 3 months

well at least my office view is quite kewll i must say
i can see clearly flights land, depart and all the helicopters
its quite nice, well maybe because im new, 
maybe next week ill update that i am sick of all the noisy aircraft :p

okayyy dahh!
nak sambung jadi safety officer yang berjaya booiiii

Monday, January 11, 2016


owh hey
i have to make a new blog because my old blog, the beloved is somehow glitched and i have to make this new blog. i need my blog. no matter how little i update, but i just need em, they are my therapy box, where i shout when i hype and low.
soooooo im starting fresshhhhh. i'll try to update u everyday okay lil bloggy woggy~
and for the muqadimmah, this should do it. mish.