Saturday, February 4, 2017


heyyy. its already 2017
well the last time i updated this blog was in january 2016
soooo its been like a year
well i actually really want to update, a lot of things
just didnt really have the chance to sit and type 
anddd now, well i am currently at my workplace, not work sangat lah
practical place, in weststar aviation service 
its being quite a hectic week, and ive just started bzzzz
really have to adapt with waking up so early in the morning, thats the hardest partm but ill surviveeee
its only for 3 months

well at least my office view is quite kewll i must say
i can see clearly flights land, depart and all the helicopters
its quite nice, well maybe because im new, 
maybe next week ill update that i am sick of all the noisy aircraft :p

okayyy dahh!
nak sambung jadi safety officer yang berjaya booiiii